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Life & Career Accelerator

Get out of your fear-based "boxes"
Create from a place of joy

Brands my clients work for:

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You vs You

                                            The program will help you to:

  • Choose thoughtfully your response and not be reactive in key situations

  • Take ownership and exit shame/blame mode

  • Propel your energy to a whole different level

Can you notice that a part of you is still sabotaging your progress? As you strive for any improvement, the most important battle that you'll face will be with yourself. ​

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Abundance Mentality

In this part of the program, we'll focus on: 


  • “Supercode” an abundance mentality and finally move away from scarcity

  • Trusting that you always have enough and you are taken care of

  • Expand your “thinking big” muscle and eradicating your glass ceiling.

Is scarcity and fear of not having enough still a challenge for you, even though you rationally know you have more than enough?


 Embrace who you are

                Together we’ll work on: 


  • Embracing every part of yourself - the good, the bad, and the ugly 

  • Mastering the habit of self-love

  • Learning to appreciate and praise yourself

Are you your own best friend or your harshest critic? Is there still a strong need to be approved of others so you can feel fulfilled and enough? 

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Commitment & Action

Working with practical frameworks, you’ll learn how to: 


  • Take action by committing  unapologetically to your values and purpose

  • Beat procrastination & create momentum with mini habits

  • Foster resilient self-discipline

Do you still struggle with going all-in on your goals and aspirations?

My approach
Who is it for

Is there more to life?


Do you feel a deep fulfillment inside when it comes to your personal and professional life? Feeling fully recognized and appreciated? Not afraid of unapologetically pursuing your heart desires and ambition? Being at peace and not looking for anyone else's approval but yours? What’s missing?

Get your enthusiasm back

Get your zest for life back with a childlike enthusiasm

Unlock higher performance

Different mindset = different energy = different opportunities

Mental toughness

Develop an unbreakable mental resilience

Self-awareness & mastery

Get the momentum back with self-acceptance and love


Make decisions easy by committing to your deepest values and purpose.

Emotional intelligence

Learn how to recognize and harness the whole spectrum of your emotions


Anders, CEO and Founder of
No-More, Denmark

 I had never imagined that having a professional coach could be so rewarding – both professionally and personally.


Raphaël, Senior Gas Trader chez Centrica Energy Trading A/S, France

Working with Dimi helped me to better define my targets and the steps to reach them.

Meetings after meetings I really felt that I was growing as a Trader as we identified my recurrent mistakes and the practical ways to deal with them.


Entrepreneur, Lithuania 

I could not believe that coaching can be such a simple and effective way to solve everyday challenges. It took only a few sessions to start going in a totally different direction.  The answers seemed were just right before me all the time, and now someone opened my eyes. 


Who is Dimi?

Dimi is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Professional Coach & an International Best-Selling Author. He also holds the title Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. He has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to studying, contemplating, practicing, and coaching in the area of Leadership and Performance. 


His mission as a coach is to help leaders and entrepreneurs master themselves to inspire mastery all around them. He is the creator of the “Six-month life and career accelerator” program that empowers his clients to get out of their fear-based "boxes" and accelerate creating from a place of childlike enthusiasm and joy. 

He has been coaching one-on-one and in groups people from McKinsey & Company, Centrica, Siemens Gamesa, Microsoft, National Geographic.  

Additional certifications and training he acquired include Mindful Self-Compassion, Belief clearing, Mindfulness, Anger management, Vipassana Meditation, Energy freedom technique, UPW by Tony Robbins, and ICF Core Competencies.

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About me
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