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Image by Adli Wahid
Hey guys,

Have you ever wondered why some people don’t seem to work hard and yet seem to get everything?
These people’s lives are exciting adventures. They are glad to get out of bed in the morning and live every day to the fullest. They love what they are doing and they do it well. They go through life with elegance and style and on top of that, they gain material success. It seems that they possess magical power.
The truth is that these people's lives are neither easier nor less challenging than the lives of others, very often is the opposite. The difference is hidden in their ability to LEAD themselves to handle effectively new, complex, and problematic situations. 
My name is Dimi Cholakov.
I am a Leadership Coach.
I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to studying, contemplating, practicing, and coaching in the area of Leadership, and most specifically in the area of Self-Leadership. 
Honestly, there is a lot of pain and internal conflict in the process of becoming our own leader because we are facing our greatest stumbling block - us.
However, the more we develop our ability to lead ourselves, the more we take ownership of everything that happens in our life, the more we increase considerably our peace, contentment, and self-confidence.
And exactly this serenity and confidence create the safety to uncover our true potential.

It doesn't come easy though, we need to dig deeper inside ourselves to find the hidden blocks which are staying on our way. It is absolutely normal to have a challenge going through this process effortlessly because part of us is still connected to old habits and believes. 

The challenge here is that we have had them for so long that we feel them as part of ourselves. The truth is that at some point in our life they served us in some way, and that’s why we decided to accept them but we forgot to question their usefulness from time to time. 


Let's be honest, you can go through this process alone, and if this is your decision I am with you. There are thousands(if not millions) of books and programs out there you can use.

If you want to make it faster and with someone on your side, it is likely that we can work together on this amazing journey.

The challenge I will help you with is finding those habits and beliefs which not only are not helping you anymore but also stay in the way of your prosperity and fulfillment. 

Through using different coaching tools and processes, we are going to challenge your destructive perspectives.


I will be honest with you like no one else dares to be in your life, as my intention is not to please you but help you:

  • First, know and embrace your unabridged version

  • Second, develop a high level of self-trust 

  • Third, lead yourself towards a prosperous and fulfilling life

The more you know yourself, the more clarity you will have on the reasons for your destructive actions and inaction, which will give you the luxury of informed future actions. 

You will stop “wanting” and start engaging in the process of creating a future that’s different from the future that would have arrived by default. 


  • Certified Professional Coach 

  • ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Master Practitioner

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