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4 sessions package

  • 1 h
  • Package price 660 €
  • Location 1

Service Description

This package (4 sessions) is focused on maintaining a high level of performance. We will identify the reasons that keep you from continuously perform at your highest level. Finally, we will create a strategy that will focus on keeping you consistently on the top of your game. Description Sometimes dealing with situational overwhelm is not enough to get back and keep our high level of performance. The reasons are hidden in our automatic mental and emotional models. These models are our primary driving force for progress and change. The truth is that most of them are instilled in us very early in our life by the authorities at the time - parents, teachers, friends, and idols, as well as from the environment and culture we grew up. The danger is coming from the fact that we accepted these models without questioning them. Many of them had and continuously have a positive effect on our lives, some of them always stayed on our way to fulfillment and prosperity, and third were helping before but not anymore. The last two groups have hidden the models, which identifying and transforming will ensure the consistency we are looking for. Overview of the sessions: Sessions are from 60 to 90 minutes long! In session 1, we are going to reveal, by using coaching tools, some of the models which stay on the way of your consistency as a high performer. In sessions 2 and 3, we will dive into processes and coaching approaches to start the transformation of the destructive models. In session 4, we will create your tailor-made strategy to continue your transformative work.

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