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Anders, CEO and Founder of No-More, Denmark

I have had the pleasure of having Dimi as my executive coach for more than six months – and it has been great. I had never imagined that having a professional coach could be so rewarding – both professionally and personally. Dimi has helped me prioritize, delegate and come up with specific value-creating initiatives to help the organization strive. So If you are an ambition leader with too few hours in the day I strongly recommend  investing in professional coaching sessions with Dimi – it has really paid off for me.


Laura, Brand Manager at Little Miracles International A/S

The quality which I appreciate the most in you is probably the harmony, clearness, and calmness which you carry within you and the grounded energy which you transmit to those around you. Which for extroverted people is extra healthy! What I like about our coaching sessions is the moment which we spend to sit - together - on a particular topic and dive into it, piece by piece, thought by thought, feeling by feeling. Even when sometimes it feels 'we know everything', spending quality time with a quality person on a challenging topic helps you reach a conclusion where you thought there was nothing else to be said or done about the topic under question. And by constant questioning and not letting your client wander around with million of other topics - you help to get back on track and reach deepness rather than scope. Which I believe is the key here - reach deep to get far. Thank you for your patience and ability to keep the direction in the chaos of thoughts and fast pace of words. Keep rocking and following your passion Dimi, it is beautiful!


Morten, Portfolio Manager at Nordjysk Elhandel A/S, Denmark 

During my sessions with Dimi, he has made me aware of some of the characteristics in my personality, that prevents me from continually performing at a high level both in my professional and personal life. He has helped me seeing things and myself from a different and more positive perspective, turning some of my weaknesses into strengths. He has given me tools and exercises to work with myself and my mindset, resulting in better wellbeing and a boost of self-confidence.


RaphaëlSenior Gas Trader chez Centrica Energy Trading A/S, France 

Working with Dimi helped me to better define my targets and the steps to reach them.

Meetings after meetings I really felt that I was growing as a Trader as we identified my recurrent mistakes and the practical ways to deal with them.


Armin,Entrepreneur, Lithuania 

Unfocused, unbalanced and judging the thoughts, which seemed non-supportive. Here I was standing at the beginning of the journey with Dimi. Why is this happening?

I could not believe that coaching can be such a simple and effective way to solve everyday challenges. It took only a few sessions to start going in a totally different direction.  The answers seemed were just right before me all the time, and now someone opened my eyes. Now I know my core values and beliefs, thus it is much easier to explain why I am making certain decisions every time, be in balance and be happy.

The whole process with Dimi is super easy. You get not only a coach but a good friend, who is willing to do more for others than for himself. Soft on people and hard on the problem, like a true leader, who encourages you to take action and live a vital life.

There is always a chance and there is always a choice. And I recommend you to choose Dimi.



On the road to self-discovery, fed up with the classic clichés, I was feeling rather skeptical and pessimistic. I was also stuck, with no energy to move forward. Dimi, with his endless supply of contagious energy, helped me start progressing and producing again. With his support and genuine belief in my abilities, I found it a lot easier to get things moving. During the coaching process, I had the chance to realize, question and overcome certain self-imposed limitations as well. Dimi is a clever, open-minded and highly intuitive listener. He is genuinely positive and has a strong sense of work ethic. Al in all, Dimi Cholakov is a great coach.

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